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Lesson 7: My Tasks

Recently Assigned

The tasks that were added to your list of to-do’s will appear in this section. Renaming it is possible, the function will be consistent. Customizing sections in my tasks will also help you to organize in all ways possible.


Rules in My Tasks

Doing this will help you automate movements, thus saving time from manual processing.

a. Moving a task to a certain Section as the due date approaches.

b. Automatically adding a comment when a task is overdue.

c. Customers can also take advantage of the custom rule builder.


Recreating Today, Upcoming, Later promotion behavior

a. Click Customize in the toolbar.

b. Click add rule.

c. Click to add the due date is  the “approaching rule”.

d. Choose the due date you would like the rule to move a task to in a certain section.

e. Choose the section you want tasks to move to, on your chosen date.


My Tasks Membership

Managing someone’s My Tasks is possible in this feature. Granting access to your team leader or selected people will help you manage the tasks to flow smoothly in the work needed to be sorted.


Asana Tips: Four Ways to Master My Tasks


My Tasks will be your home page in Asana. Everything that is assigned to you will appear here. This is designed to help you focus more on completing all of your high-impact work.

Here's four ways to master My Tasks:

1) Organize My Tasks with Sections

  • It has four built-in priority sections: Recently Assigned, Today, Upcoming, and Later.
  • Move each task to its designated section.
  • Asana will auto-promote tasks to your Upcoming and Today sections one week and one day out, respectively.

2) Triage new tasks every morning

  • Make sure that there are no tasks in Recently Assigned section.
  • Check every morning and move the task from Recently Assigned section to the proper section.
  • This will help you be more organized.

3) Give every task a due date

  • Always check the tasks assigned to you and make sure to assign a due date to each task.
  • This will help Asana to auto-promote your tasks from Later to Upcoming to Today.

4) Use start dates to clarify how much time a task will take

  • Use start dates when you are assigned to a particular task that will take you multiple days to finish.
  • Start dates will inform your team members when you are planning to begin to work, as well as when you expect to finish.

Tips for Organizing My Tasks

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to organize My Tasks, but creating sections can help you sort work and know what to prioritize. Try these three ways to organize My Tasks:

a. Task Type - you can use this when you work on a wide variety of projects. You can sort and bundle like tasks together.

b. Priority - if you are bombarded with tasks, you can organize your tasks by priority, in this way, you can ensure to complete all of your High and Medium priority tasks done on time.

c. Work Block - this organization can help you eliminate decision fatigue, so when a work block comes around, you know exactly which tasks to tackle, when.

Get Your Best Work done with My Tasks + Inbox

"My tasks" is best partnered with Inbox. My tasks have all the work assigned to you, Inbox is your one-stop-shop for coordinating work, commenting on tasks, and responding to requests.