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Lesson 6: Project Management

Before making a decision, it is necessary to consider a framework to which you will be working in whether to create a project, a task or a subtask.

  • Create a project when it is an undertaking with large coordinated efforts that requires a lot of stops before it happens.
  • Create a task if it can be done by one person and can be done within a few hours or work day.
  • Create a subtask to further break down the task into smaller details.


1. Create Project

a. Create a project.

b. Use templates to save time but can also create your own.

2. Organize your Project

a. You need to group each related task.

b. Assign the task in the clearest manner and give deadlines to each of them.

c. Capture more task details with custom fields.

d. Sort, filter and save your project review.

3. Build a Project Schedule

a. Using the Timeline and Gantt-style view, start mapping out the plans of the project.

b. Ensure that each task must be started at the right time, since other project’s progress is dependent on each task.

c. If there is a need to break down a huge task into subtasks, do it.

d. It is also a needed to create an overview of the project to update the team of the tasks completed and otherwise.

4. Move work forward

a.     Always manage to provide queries on the progress of each task, so everyone can make comments regarding it and adjust immediately when agreed.

b. Notify all members on the status updates.

c. Create a task milestone.

d. Approval of workflow will help the team have feedback and approvals.

e. Adding rules can be of necessary during the progress of the project to ensure that the right process is being followed.

f. Portfolios will allow the leader to monitor multiple updates in real time.

5. Prepare for your next projects.

a. Asana continues to update necessary features so reiterating to the members about how to use the app is preparatory and ideal.

b. Learn from the finished projects and incorporate them in undertaking the next one through templates.

c. Since the project is done, archiving it will allow all to focus on another priority.

d. Celebrate with your team.