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Lesson 3: Asana Perfect Tasks

It is a staple for someone with full workloads to get on track the tasks that need to be done and what to do first considering the deadlines. In this manner, you organize your priority and get things done at due time. However, capturing such skills, you need to acquire good written tasks knowledge to be efficient in your planning. The ideal task has four components:


In writing your task, it should always begin with a verb. It is also necessary to structure your task and accessory to it, is to determine whether your task is a single step or multi-step task. When it’s the latter, break it down into sub-tasks.



Defining what has to be done given the tasks should be approached the same way as how the journalist does it. Consider always the following:

  • Who? Who is involved and should take action? Who should know?
  • What? What is the key information and the purpose of the task?
  • Why? Why is achieving this task important to the progress of the project?
  • How? How can this task be appropriately fulfilled and in what manner?



To make things happen, putting a deadline is a must.


Providing additional details to prioritize the task is needed. That would include considering the period to which the task should be completed, defining what kind of work is such a task, and in which project does this task fall under.