History of ZedBiz Part 1

Thinking back, ZedBiz has evolved so much, as does most things over time.

I have had an interest in computers, technology and business all my life.

Back in High School, my friend Aqeel and I won the IBM Distinguished Technology award at the Canada Wide Science Fair. Our project was what could be called an online course, but it was programmed from the ground up, before websites even existed. It taught people all the road signs, it was called Sign Vision.

From there, in the winter months in the 90's, while farming, I would play around on the internet, and started developing websites, and building community and directory sites.

Back then I called the business JEZNET, as JEZ were my initials, and I was building on the ‘Net'.

It was in 2001, when I started consulting for small business full time, and the name ZedBiz was born.

I wanted something unique to me, and I wanted it to be about business.

I also have been always proud of my last name and that it started with the letter ‘Z'. In Canada we pronounce it ‘zed' (while in the USA and other places it is pronounced ‘zee'.

Thus I put together Zed with Business and shortened it to ZedBiz.

JEZNET website
The JEZNET website back in the 90's
ZedBiz website
The beginning – the ZedBiz website


ZedBiz website with mountains
Mountain Influence and a focus on business consulting
Current ZedBiz website
Still developing the improved look of the ZedBiz website