Give A Mile Pledge System

For OTHER Airline MILEAGE PLANS, Loyalty points OR REWARDS we offer a PLEDGE system.

You pledge a certain number of your miles, points or rewards and we record that information.
You can fill out a form to do this.

Then we will contact you to discuss how we can collaborate to help someone who needs to use those miles, points or rewards to see a loved one in their final hours.
We often collaborate with a number of individuals who have pledged, to gather enough miles, points or rewards in order to help the person book the flight or make other travel arrangements.

Our team of experts in all things travel rewards and reservations will either transfer the miles/points/rewards, book the flight for you or help you get the ball rolling so you can create a life-changing experience for your flight recipient.

Anyone can make a pledge to Give A Mile, regardless of their location or membership in loyalty programs.

Pledging is not necessarily a commitment to donate a specific amount immediately; it indicates an intention to donate in the future.

You can pledge rewards from multiple loyalty programs to Give A Mile, combining your contributions to support the organization's mission.

There is usually no specific deadline for fulfilling your pledge to Give A Mile, but the organization appreciates timely donations to support its programs.

You can make a pledge to Give A Mile anonymously if you prefer not to disclose your identity.